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Defoamers / Anti-foaming agents

Emulchem produces defoamers and anti-foaming agents, designed for most industrial applications. These agents are designed for prevention of foam formation / build-up and for causing existing foam to rapidly collapse. 

Emulchem offers various types of defoamers under the trade name EMULDEF, For both waterborne
and solvent-borne applications.

 Product  Description  PDS

Emuldef 10

Emuldef 20

Emuldef 30

10/20/30% silicone based anti-foam emulsion. White emulsion. Useful for pesticide/herbicide formulations, chemical distillations, waste water treatment, paints, adhesives and detergents

Emuldef 100 Concentrated silicone defoamer. Off-white amber dispersion. Useful for pesticide/herbicide formulations, chemical distillations and waste water treatment

Emuldef PAW Mineral oil based defoamer featuring hydrophobic particles. Yellow-amber dispersion.
Useful for systems with good emulsifying properties such as surfactant stabilized emulsions, emulsion paints and adhesives

Emuldef PAW-E Mineral oil emulsion featuring hydrophobic particles. White emulsion. Useful for household paints, exterior wall paints, emulsion plasters, dispersion adhesives and production of emulsion binders

Emuldef FAL Fatty alcohol alkoxylate. Used for pulp and paper fermentation
Emuldef FAD Fatty acid asters. Used for pulp and paper fermentation
Emuldef AST Metalic soap. Used for drilling and painting

Emuldef POL PAG based polimers. Water soluble
Emuldef SDE Liquid defoamer, based on mineral oil and hydrophobic particles used for paint emulsions.

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