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Release Agents

Emulchem produces and develops release agents used to get slip effect in processes involving mold release, such as plastic and rubber production and die-casting.


 Product  Description
 Emulsil cast Mold release aqua emulsion for die-casting. based on a silicone co-polymer and wax compound.
 Asphalt sil Special silicone emulsion preventing asphalt from sticking, during transportation
 Asphalt lube Special esters and polymer compound, preventing asphalt from sticking, during transportation
 GR oil 10 Colloidal graphite lubricant, dispersed in oil. A high-temperature anti-ware lubricating agent.
 GR aqua 10 Aqueous graphite dispersion.  A high-temperature anti-ware lubricating agent. Available packaging: jerrycans and aerosols.
 BN lube 10 Hexagonal boron-nitride dispersion in oil. High/low temp. capabilities. Designed as a high temperature release agent and lubricant. Reduces friction.
 GL 10 Aqueous dispersion of glass frits. Designed for titanium casting and high temperature forging.
 Cartsil 6008 Silicone compound lubricants for cardboard and fruit packaging.
 Lubrisil 10  Silicone spray, designated as a mold-release agent for the manufacturing process of plastic and rubber parts. Also in use in the electronics and automotive industries.
 Moldseal Moisture guard and corrosion inhibitor for indoor metal parts and mold protection. Available as aerosol or in liquid packaging.
 Citric clean Natural citrus based spray, for removing fats and oils. Designed for cleaning hard surfaces of industrial residue.

 Emulsil 60 

 Emulsil 35

 Emulsil 30

 Emulsil 20 

Silicon emulsions, based on silicone fluid. Typically used as release agent sor lubricants for the printing, rubber and paper industries. Appears as an opaque, white emulsion.
Emulcrete Paraffin based emulsion; Concrete form-release agent
Creteliquid Concrete form-release agent

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