Amit Teading Emulchem

Silicone Fluid based Emulsions:

Silicon emulsions, based on silicon fluid at medium kinematic viscosity. Typically used as a release agent or lubricant for the printing, rubber and plastic industries.


Product Viscosity  Silicone Content Appearance  PDS
Emulsil 60  1500-3000 60% opaque, White

Emulsil 35  1000-2000 35% opaque, White
Emulsil 20  1000-2000 20% opaque, White




  • Printing, rubber and plastic industries

Mold release

  • Latex dip additive

Chemical specialties:

  • polishing and household cleaners
  • cured coating on glass containers

Textile applications:

  • anti-crocking
  • fiber and thread lubricants
  • softeners and modifiers
  • lubricates aluminum cuttings and knives.
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